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The Joy of moving to a new place…

The Joy of moving to a new place… a new office, the place that is our own. The benefit of having our own place is that, we can create our own setup, we can use our own choice of colour and designs. We can have the best feeling of working in our own premises. GraphicMantra has recently shifte . . . . .

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Living room Partition

What can you imagine for the design of a huge glass panel in a bungalow? What if you can apply your own concept of your own interest? What if you have a freedom of putting your own thoughts on your walls, freedom from selection of designs from catalogues to match them with your surrounding furniture . . . . .

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Stone texture effects in graphic

This is another masterpiece by GarphicMantra A magnificent tricky graphic that looks like a real carving work on stone.. real colors...almost impossible to judge whether it is real carving ... Very precise and sharp work... Designer : Hitesh Ratnotar (Graphic Mantra) . . . . .

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The height of accuracy is the accuracy at this height.

The height of accuracy is the accuracy at this height. It was more difficult than it seemed earlier or than it looks in the photo to apply the graphics on the top most edge of 20 ft high wall. In addition, the work in the bungalow was almost over; all the walls were well painted and fully finishe . . . . .

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Children room

Graphics done in the Children bedroom, especially for daughter... Looks awesome on off white coloured wall... The smiles on the faces of the family members of the client give the feeling of contentment. . . . . .

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TV Unit Glass and wall

An artistic image of Lord Krishna was materialized on a back-lit glass, and to support the image, a bamboo themed graphics are given on sides. We have nothing to say, the photo says everything.. . . . . .

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Hair Cutting Salon: Waiting area wall Graphics

Dear Reader Welcome back to GraphicMantra. This is our recent site. It’s a Hair Cutting Salon. The graphics had to be relevant to the business (Conceptual graphics). It shouldn’t look too gaudy and too sober too, it had to be in match with the interior design and overall looks of the salo . . . . .

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Behind bed wall graphic

પ્રિય વાચક, આપ નું સ્વાગત છે ગ્રાફિક મંત્રામાં. થોડી વાતો અમારા કાર્ય વિષે કરીએ. કોઈ પણ સાઈટ માટેની ડિઝાઇન અથવા ગ . . . . .

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